Will Google move UK AdWords Management to the UK for UK Based Businesses

If there is one thing that annoys me about AdWords Google Ads it’s the fact it is Managed by Google Ireland which causes all sort of VAT problems.

Why, as they have a Google UK business, they are building a massive new Google UK head quarters at Kings Cross, can they not manage all UK accounts from within Google UK?

The billing and VAT would be far simpler, the tax revenue would remain in the UK and we would have one point of contact and know who we are dealing with

Come on Google, if you are operating in the UK, dealing with UK businesses, selling services in the UK please simplify things by billing us via Google UK rather than Google Ireland.

Update 28/02/2020

Google move UK AdWords Management to the USA

Well, it looks like my prediction of Google moving UK AdWords Management from Ireland was correct, what wasn’t correct though was me thinking they would be moving it to the UK! – With the latest Google TOS moving all UK Google accounts to Google LLC will this also apply to Google Ads and Google AdSense?

Google UK VAT

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