Buying Wheelchair Ramps Online

I’ve always been of the opinion that allowing people to buy wheelchair ramps Online without talking to them 1st and advising on which ramp to buy is a bad idea.

From past experience most people are pretty clueless on gradients and how steep a ramp should be which can result in them ordering the wrong ramp.

No exaggeration, I have had people with a 400mm high step trying to order a 1.5m ramp, now this may be OK if you have a fit Navvy pushing a half barrow of spuds up it, but a person in a wheelchair is another matter.

With this in mind I have always tried to emphasise the importance of people contacting me 1st on my wheelchair ramps website.

Sadly, Google appear to think different and don’t allow you to use certain features unless you have an ecommerce section on your website and take Online orders 🙁

With this in mind I had to create an ecommerce section which can be found here – Buy Wheelchair Ramps Online

It’s still work in progress and to be honest I hope no one uses it, not only does it increase the chances of returns because people order the wrong size ramp, it also costs me more in PayPal fees

Wheelchair Ramp

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