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Will BBC Three Do another Thirteen Interactive Online Experiment

With the success of Killing Eve pushing Jody Comer in to the limelight I wonder if BBC3 will try another interactive Online programme.

Thirteen was a BBC Three programme 1st shown Online via iPlayer starring Jody Comer as 26 old Ivy Moxam who suddenly reappeared after being missing for 13 years.

The programme itself was brilliant with some great acting and a great soundtrack.

What many not know though is Thirteen had an even better Interative Online experience running alongside it. read more here

The setting up was brilliant with fake Twitter accounts, fake school websites – Sunbridge High School, fake laptop tracking websites, mystery recordings, hidden photos base64 coding, etc. etc.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened, whether it wasn’t popular enough or the fact the Find Phoebe campaign was almost to real and upset people but the vast majority of the interactive stuff seemed to fade out and never tied up.

It was a few years ago so I can’t remember everything but the fake laptop tracking website was barely used even though if you got the laptop serial number and logged in you got to the next stage, you could even track the laptop to a specific point in Bristol but nothing was made of this.

The fake school website had loads of hidden clues but whether these were red herrings or just thing planned for but never used I don’t know.

A lot of the stuff found in back of van didn’t really tie up (especially laptop)

It was great but I wish everything that appeared to be planned came to fruition 🙁

What about the drawings, the brother, Carol White, etc.

It’s was a creative collaboration between Thirteen’s writer Marnie Dickens and the Digital Guerrilla team in Birmingham.

If anyone else followed the Thirteen Interactive Online Story please comment below

Back now to watch Thirteen again and refresh my memory, unfortunately all the little fake websites are now down and the clues can’t be found, shouldn’t ruin the actual programme though.

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